Backstrap Weaving

Yesterday, I took another dive into the hobby pool and came up with a newfound respect and appreciation for backstrap weaving. This ancient art has been passed down for generations in Latin America but I’ve only recently discovered it.

Thanks to Laverne Waddington’s basic tutorial and helpful videos, I was able to learn how to weave! You can find more info on her blog. She also has a wonderful and welcoming group on Ravelry called Backstrap Weaving.

So after scouring her blog and rewatching her videos many times, I looked about the house for dowels and rods I could use for my loom bars. I ended up finding a couple thin dowels and hollow metal rods for the loom bars, rulers for the shed stick/ beater, bamboo dpns for shed rods, a cloth placemat and shoelaces for the backstrap, and some cotton crochet thread and dish cloth yarn for warps and wefts.



I used a kitchen chair’s front legs to wind my warp, but that wasn’t a very good idea. It took a lot of wiggling and stretching to get the warp off and onto my loom bars.


And here is my little practice piece 🙂 It’s just plain weaving and the edges are not very neat but I’m working at it!


I never thought I would weave, honestly. I thought it was too complicated and that it could only be done on expensive looms that I can’t afford to buy or house. Knitting, crocheting, and spinning equipment and supplies are already taking over my home so I couldn’t really fit in a loom, even if I had the means.

Anyway, it just makes me so happy that I am now able to do something that has been around for ages! It’s so cool and I can’t wait til I get better. 😀


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